At Structure & Function, we feel that comprehensive treatment of the body involves a combination of manipulation of the joints and soft tissues of the body to address the "Structure" of the problem.  Utilization of functional exercise and biomechanical alterations are utilised to address the “Function” of the problem.  Current pain education is then instructed to take the fear out of the pain experience. 

That being said, the comfort level of the patient with provided treatment will have a significant impact on the outcome. 

We encourage you to discuss the treatment style that fits your comfort level and lifestyle with the doctor.  If chiropractic adjusting scares you. You know that you will not perform prescribed exercises.  You could careless about pain science. Please let us know and we will customize your treatment protocols to your preferences. Each listed treatment option below has been proven, as a standalone treatment, for a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

-Below are treatment options provided by Structure & Function-

-Joint Manipulation-

  • Manual adjustments- Adjustments that are classically associated with chiropractic treatment.
  • Instrument assisted low force adjustments- Utilizing a spring loaded adjusting tool to offer a low force option.
  • Mobilization- Gentle repetitive motion to influence the movement of a joint.
  • Muscle Energy Adjusting- Using your own muscles to create the desired movement of the joint.

-Soft Tissue Manipulation (Therapeutic Massage)-

  • Myofascial Release- Gently working with the connective tissue (Fascia) to stimulate a relaxation of the connective tissue and the muscles (myo) that it contains.
  • Ischemic Release- Applying pressure to the tight spots in the muscle to force a relaxation of that portion of the muscle
  • Pin and Stretch- Utilizing the Ischemic release technique with movement to release the muscle through the motion of treated musculature.
  • Effleurage- Classically associated with standard massage, proven to increase blood flow and move fluid through the musculature.

-Functional Exercise-

Utilizing pointed, graded levels of exercises based on your level of fitness and pain state.  We can help you stabilize and excell. Our goal is to once again allow you to utilize your body to the fullest extent. 

-Biomechanical Alterations-

For some,  simple thoughtless tasks, or incorrect exercise prescription can perpetuate an individual's pain state.  Making simple changes to the way you approach your daily life can change your life!  Let us identify and alter these movements. Thus, allowing you to live your life without fear of  movement and performing the things you love. 

-Pain Education-

We have made leaps and bounds in our collective understanding of the pain experience.   Pain is not a simple process! We have identified that pain is not simply a result of an injury, but a complex learned pattern of physical, emotional and nutritional stress that we demand of ourselves in modern culture.  Understanding the intricacies of this process can assist in removing the fear of the pain experience.  Allowing us to literally "move" on to a better tomorrow!