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“As a long term migraine sufferer, I have tried just about every treatment available. Dr. Geiseman's combination of manual adjustment and soft tissue manipulation has provided the most effective solution I have found to reduce both the frequency and intensity of my migraines.  He truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients.”

“I suffered constant pain in my right shoulder and arm for several years.   At times, I couldn’t dress myself or use my right hand to drive a car.  The pain was so severe it kept me awake at night.   Every three to four months my shoulder area was injected with cortisone. This controlled the pain for a short while, but it always returned.  I did the physical therapist recommended exercises religiously.  Nothing helped relieve the pain long-term, so I tried to accept pain as a way of life.  When the pain returned a few months after the last cortisone shot I decided to see Dr. Geiseman. I hadn’t really thought of using a chiropractor before, but I figured nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I am astonished at the difference one treatment made. The constant throbbing in my deltoid is gone.  I don’t cringe when I dress myself.  I can sleep through the night because I’m not awaken by pain. Thank you, Dr. Geiseman.  I don’t have to make friends with my pain.”

"My experience with Dr. Geiseman was excellent.  He is kind, caring and very effective.  Prior to meeting Dr. Geiseman, I struggled with back pain for 18 months.  I tried 3 other chiropractors, but did not get results.  I worked with Dr. Geiseman for several weeks, and the pain is completely gone. I would highly recommend him to other patients."

"Dr. Geiseman is so much more than a Chiropractor. He treats the root of the problem instead of just doing an adjustment which often entails working on the muscles. He always takes time to explain the issue, what I can do by myself to help heal, and how to prevent the same issue from happening in the future."

"I have never had a chiropractor work in such a way to heal my hurts, as Dr. Geiseman. He’s about getting to the problem, not just adjusting something for the pop. Already having vast improvement! I’m very grateful!!"

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