15 years ago, I broke my Mt. Bike and headed out in the woods to run the trail instead of riding it.  The simplicity and meditative aspect of the sport had me hooked.  With multiple trail marathons under my belt and a 50 mile ultra, I have learned a few things the hard way.  I would love to share my passion and what I have learned on and off the trail.  Use this information to either get you going or keep you motivated!


With the time restraints that life inherently places on us, it is easy to count your miles as your workout and never warm up, cross train or stretch.  This will work for a while but if you want that PR, avoid injury or ensure longevity in the sport taking the extra time will pay off.



Every runner has different goals.  You have your speed demons at every distance concerned about pace and that almighty PR.  There and those that are just looking to make the distance happen.  To achieve that sense of accomplishment because running was something that they never thought they could do.  Then there are those that are just out to clear their head with the ancient, simplicity of natural movement.

No matter who you are, there are resources out there to make it happen.  Here is a small sample of what I have found and learned. 


trails I Love & Local races/Clubs

This next link I will share with you my favorite trails for those of you that enjoy dirt.  While running on the road is great, the sense of peacefulness and freedom that I experience while in the woods, for me, is unparralled.  It is my escape from it all, my return to true nature.